Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF


  • RF & Microwave Semiconductors
    • ​Discrete Devices
    • Integrated Chip (IC)
  • RF Passive Components
    • Amplifier
    • Antenna
    • Attenuator
    • Circulator
    • Connector
    • Coaxial Adapter
    • Coupler
    • DC Block
    • Detector
    • Duplexer
    • Filter
    • Frequency Source
    • Isolator
    • Phase Shifter
    • Power Divider/Combiner
    • Switches
    • Termination

Solid Stae RF
  • RF & Microwave Cables & Assemblies
    • Coaxial Cables
    • Standard Test Cable Assemblies
    • High-Performance Test Cable Assemblies
    • Wireless Communication Cable Assemblies​
  • RF Power Generator
    • Solid State Generator System
    • Solid State RF Amplifier Module
    • Solid State RF Amplifier System

QUANTUM-MICROWAVE ​business unit focuses on components, modules, and system solutions for RF & microwave field. RF & microwave field is the basic backbone in wireless communication and infrastructure today. Cellular technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G), point-to-point microwave, WiFi, GPS, and short-range technologies (Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee) are all RF & microwave based. 

Other than communication, RF & microwave is also used in various other applications such as industrial and medical. For example, Microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) technique uses microwave for growing high-quality diamond films. Meanwhile, in the medical, RF is used for magnetic resonance imaging(RF), radiofrequency ablation medical procedure, diathermy and skin treatment. 

If you are looking for RF&microwave components, modules or systems; be it for replacement purpose, new design or to be used inside your laboratory, feel free to contact us at sales@quantum-approach.com for more details. 

Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF
Solid Stae RF


Solid Stae RF


  • Wattsine
  • Sawnics
  • Qualwave