• Power Management IC(PMIC)

  • Power converter modules
  • AC/DC Converter
  • DC/DC Converter
  • DC/AC Converter (Inverter)
  • Frequency converter modules
  • Ultracapacitor cell 
  • Ultracapacitor module
  • Energy storage battery
  • Energy harvesting module

  • RF energy harvester IC/module/board


RFD102A Energy Harvester IC
RFD102A Energy Harvester IC
  • Taejin Technology
  • RF Diagnostics

RFD102A Energy Harvester IC




  • Power management ICs
  • Power conversion component & modules
    • Diode 
    • Transistor
    • Thyristor
    • Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
    • Integrated Gate Bridge Rectifier (IGBT)
    • MOSFETs
    • Silicon carbide power modules‚Äč

QUANTUM-ENERGY business unit is responsible for power conversion, renewable energy and energy harvesting components, modules, complete products and turnkey design solutions.  

Power conversion refers to the conversion of electrical energy from one form to the other. This includes AC/DC conversion, voltage change, frequency change, phase change or some combination of these. Power conversion occurs in all electrical and electronic system and it involves power electronic components, modules and complete product. 

Renewable energy, also known as alternative or sustainable energy refers to energy generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind, biomass, hydro and tidal.  The capture and conversion of this renewable energy resources into usable electrical energy requires suitable power conversion modules, products and solutions.

In the recent years too, energy harvesting has become increasingly popular as the low power electronic devices has increased.  Energy harvesting refers to the capture and conversion of readily available energy such as RF, solar, thermal and vibration into usable electrical energy. Energy generated from energy harvesting is usually low power but sufficient for low power electronic devices operation and useful to prolong battery life of an electronic device.